Dawn Patrol

En route: dawn patrol #hksurfer #yeww #trumpetalarm #rotkneesurfer

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First time doing dawn patrol…left the house at 5am and tried to take some secret bus from Mongkok in the wee hours of morning and ended up ridiculously lost and down at the beach by 7…morning sets were worth it though.

Rest of the day messy, fast and violently closing out…

#dawnpatrol at #bwb #hksurfer #rotkneesurfer #surfreport

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Surf’s Up! Coming out of dormancy…

Last Friday 07 Oct will have been time to wake up from the dry season slumber for many in the BWB surf community  Wave-starved since the last typhoon swells, we all are awakening from whatever burrows we hide in on flat days, paddling out to greet old faces with a yawn and a stretch…and perhaps a few scuffles in the lineup…ahem 😛

This week Huey is sprinkling his first round of blessings as a wake up call for this winter’s upcoming SURF SEASON homies and kooks!

Week of 10 OCT 2016 SURFS UP! yiwwwwww