Skimboard Pallets 2


Great day in the water…knee to waist high waves on the funboard taking off backside and switchfooting to frontside while still going down the line…definitely been getting practice in on that move recently…hope it pays off.

Got back to the pad at Islandize and worked on these WIPs generally botching it up with spray paint:


Re start #852thegrapevine #botchjob #rotkneesurfer #rksdaily #islandizehk

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A tip from a true cretin – chicken grease (such as that from fast food chicken) is great for getting spray paint off your hands. RKS out…lol

Woodworks v1

Came into a flat BWB to chill and pick up the tail half of my mates snapped board…walk into the holok lockers area and bump into him. I saw that he was sawing something. Upon taking a closer look he’s making a neat little rack to put in the locker for the short boards to go on so a bag can go underneath…

Those planks of salvaged jetsam wood seem like they’ll work out well.

In other news, got back on a fiberglass board today…finally got to test out the new ARK board.  Caught some knee high closeouts aka the best BWB had to offer today… 6’2″ packed some extra volume to help my unfit ass with the chase. Stoke ended there though…two waves of no-fun knee high and I switched back to the funboard. BWB the 3rd world of waves today…hah.

Felt good to be able to kick water on a shortie \~/