Got blessed with some flooding at semi-secret spot due to Typhoon Sarika and decided to do some spontaneous late-night skimboarding at the park…nothing better than an inch of water under your feed and soft child-friendly padding to skim all over!

Shoot us a message on @Rot Knee Surfer on Facebook if you want to know the location and ride this sick spot with us next time it floods!

All shots courtesy of Heyman Tang Photography (#freedomphotographer @heymantang on IG), he will be shooting you if you decide to come ride! Big props.




Dawn Patrol

En route: dawn patrol #hksurfer #yeww #trumpetalarm #rotkneesurfer

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First time doing dawn patrol…left the house at 5am and tried to take some secret bus from Mongkok in the wee hours of morning and ended up ridiculously lost and down at the beach by 7…morning sets were worth it though.

Rest of the day messy, fast and violently closing out…

#dawnpatrol at #bwb #hksurfer #rotkneesurfer #surfreport

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