Apple Bottom

"Apple" bottom @lesleylandlol #kookoftheday #wtf #bwb #holok

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An occasional goofy post is much needed to break up the saturation of surfboard pics…hahaha.

Slid around on the mini-mal late after office hours and ended up chilling with L & FY. for a bit by the beach after getting out…got to hear some of the old stories at BWB & the surf community firsthand haha. It was Tin Hau Festival and Dai Gor fed us some siu yuk…grabbed Thai food after that in SKW. Long weekend begins…hope the swell keeps coming.

+Quiverdelivery: T&C Glenn Pang Mini-mal

Isn’t it great when you share a quiver with your mates? Sometimes, you’ll check in to your locker and have a brand new board and shape to choose from without having to lift a finger…

Josh picked this chip up on Monday from Lam – it barely set us back at $900 and it’s super fun to ride, too. Deck midsection is slightly delaminating to the right of the stringer but we’ll get a season or two out of the board yet, I reckon.

Wish it were a single instead of thruster though…:P

Update 19 Apr: Ballerina switchfoot on this board is an absolute dream, frontside and back…getting 360’ed and landing it for the first time…yew.