Designs to Free Your Mind

Went down to BWB for a dip, bumped into these lads Nick n Javi…Nick had just come in from riding his McCoy and let me go try it…rest of the story is in captions


Loaded dome, designs to free your mind. Convex bottom contour; apical dome forms fore and aft. Gullwing fin too for extra discovery.

This board is so buoyant – at 6’2″ the McCoy nugget was beyond my power to duckdive  so had me turtle rolling every paddle out. First experience on a displacement hull – paddling it reminded me of a canoe. Lots of volume in the upper half of the board made paddling a dream although it took some time to figure out the weight distribution while paddling, given McCoy’s otherworldly pattern of volume distribution.

Subjectively – surprisingly loose through turns yet holds well down the line, versatile with ability to stall or go fast. A hyper-buoyant switchfoot dancefloor. Gets tail lift when paddling, take-offs a slo-mo dream.


Felt like I won the lottery being able to try Nick’s McCoy! Super stoked and mind blown. Definitely ended up being a memorable day at the bay…

Even tried out some Hatha yoga afterwards with L in Causeway Bay and met many new surfer friends haha. Sweet.





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