Board Thief!

Can’t go lower than the last board theft that happened at BWB – or apparently not…

Last theft was when J put his board on the beach in plain sight and got in the water. While he was surfing, a tourist took it and tried to re-sell it at as his own at BWB the next day…dumb moves.


This time my mate snapped his 9’2″ longboard and lay it to rest in the Holok graveyard, and someone, obviously a Holok regular, abducts the snapped nose-half without a word, presumably for the foam. RIP good, fresh, white PU with a somewhat solid stringer…and with that, RIP my mini simmons shape & recycle project…

Needless to say there will be keen interest in handmade surf, skim wake etc boards measuring under 5ft as they show up in HK…word of advice to the board thief – better hide that wooden stringer under a coat of paint, scum!

Time to order some real blanks?

Pics of the nose half which got jacked…we could have made it work as a mini simmons. Eyes peeled for the thief, we’re waiting patiently for you to reveal yourself with one dumb move…



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