Hong Kong bred. Local break Big Wave Bay. Raised on closeouts…

Kook temporarily out of action from knee surgery but otherwise can be caught pearling at local breaks/stuck inside/ blasting old school tunes in a red 82 corolla rustbucket (the sun god Ra chariot).

Is the pen really mightier than the board? :S

New stick; can’t even ride it yet

Out and about post-op…went down to the local haunts @ BWB a-la-wheelchair to pick up a special board.  6’2″, a hand-me-down in amazing condition. Third change of hands and I get to have it. I was lucky enough to call dibs first. K was kind enough to wait for me to get out of the hospital even tho others were willing to outbid. He even threw in fins. Thanks K for supporting the surfing youth!


ARK surfboards is a local brand made in Shek O. They aren’t common, I def got lucky.

Still hobbling on crutches and can’t surf for another 3 months…but stoked for the pickup…

keep the good vibes rollin…